Experiences & Education

Research Experiences:

Teaching Assistant: 201309-20160229, Department of computer and systems sciences, Stockholm University;

Research Assistant: 201303-201309, Center for Ubiquitous Computing, Department of Computer Science, University of Oulu;

Research Assistant: 201206-201208, Department of Information Processing Science, University of Oulu;

System Engineer (Internship): 201103-201106, ShenZhen YanLian Computing System Co.LTD.


Licentiate of Philosophy on Computer and System Science:

From Sep 2013 until Sep 2015 with 20% teaching duty; at Department of Computer and systems science, Stockholm University, Sweden; In thesis title: Contextual Entity Networking– Enable Dynamic and Flexible Interaction between Heterogeneous Entities in Support of Ambient Intelligent Services.

Summer Training:

Finished in July 2014;  at EIT-ICT summer School (at Stockholm).

Master of Science on Information Processing Science

Finished in September 2013;  at University of Oulu (Finland);  in Thesis title: “Message-pushing Based Mobile System to Remotely Monitor Travelling Status of the Senior Citizen”, with a conference paper extracted from it.

Bachelor on Information Management and Information System:

Finished in July 2013;  School of Information Management; Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (P.R. China).

Teaching Experiences:

I give teaching for the Exercise and Lab for “Datorsystem VT (Computer Organization and Architecture)” in each semester at DSV since Sep 2013;

I give a half lecture for the course “Internet of Things” in the fall Semester of 2015, please check the course information from ilearn2. 

Supervised Thesis Work:

Bachelor Thesis: Peter Jääskeläinen and Nils Ringström— Towards the Reliability and Self-recovery Capability for Distributed Hash Table formed Peer-to-peer Sensor Network;

Bachelor Thesis: Frans Nordén and Fredrik Seidl A– Semantic-oriented Message Directing Method for Internet of Things;

Bachelor Thesis: Oscar Ferm and Mattias Forsman — Implement Subscribe/Publish based Peer to Support a Semantic Internet of Things Platform;

 Bachelor Thesis: Mehdi Rahimi and Sara Renman— Support the Storage capability for Internet-of-Things using Extract, Transforming and Load (ETL) processes