Basic Information

I am one of the affiliated researchers at Stockholm University, also I am working as Data Scientist (System Engineer) at Combitech AB. I am applying system engineering methods to realize end-to-end data science solutions in “raw-data-in-intelligence-out” manner to enable environment smartness during digitization.

I have done my PhD defense at Department of Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV) in Stockholm University in 2017, in title “Data-centric Network of Things”, which targets to exploit the massive amount of heterogeneous data of IoT to support various services. I was entitled a Licentiate of Philosophy in computer and system science at DSV in Sep 2015.

My researches focus on exploring methods and tools to intelligently comprehend and supply data resources in (Semantic-enhanced) IoT platforms by setting up contextual connections between the environments, IoT entities,  and the data resources; the research works utilizes following methods and tools: Ontology engineering and knowledge representation, Machine-learning, decentralized architecture, and context-awareness.


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My PhD work specifically focuses on: 

(1) The methods and tools for semantic IoT platform to perceive the heterogeneous noisy raw data using contextualized user-centric way;

(2) Abstract the big ambient data for high-level knowledge exchanging and sharing between virtual an physical entities in the dynamic environments;

(3) Create Artificial intelligence enabler for IoT to support of smart environments by exploiting the massive amounts of heterogeneous data.

Key Words: Semantic IoT, Big data, Artificial Intelligence, Environment Perception;


2015 IEEE conference on network Softwarization (Netsoft)

2017 IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC)


Scholarship for International Students 2012, University of Oulu, by Scholarship Foundation of the University of Oulu.